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Artist Statement

Working across a number of mediums including live and video-based performance and painting, my work is primarily autobiographical. Whether navigating hesitant paths of fragility and fear present within a variety of (often invisible) private and public social contracts, or the emotional anxieties associated with living in a late-capitalist landscape, an intention of my work is to consciously transform my personal dislocations into a visual strategy of self- disclosure. I become my own subject, often using my body as a site for art-making. Oscillating between self-mockery and sincerity, I aim to construct a forum for my own artistic (and non-artistic) failures, successes, self-delusions and disappointments. I am stimulated by exploring the reality in and between what is often not permissible in public spaces and spheres. With a focused interest in the authenticity of suppressed emotions, I am wanting to navigate and respond to the consequences of placing the personal into the public.